You are going to be HEALTHIER and FITTER than ever!

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We've all been there - sitting down on New Years eve, brainstorming our news years resolutions....

"I'm only eating whole foods"
"I'm going to workout every single day"
"I'm going to lose X amount of weight"
"This is the year I'll get abs"
"I'm going to wake up before 6am every day"

Sound familiar?

Now theres nothing wrong with setting yourself epic goals in terms of health and fitness. All I'll say about that is be realistic, kind, flexible and true to your body, lifestyle and mind. I'm actually here to give you a little kick in the butt (it's a gentle kick dw).
For me, it's allll about January! If you're striving to transform your body, life or diet, here's your chance to develop those habits!

Believe me, I've been there too. I would talk the talk and never end up walking the walk. In December 2013 I decided enough was enough. From then on, every January I have developed new habits and skills that have ultimately led me to the lifestyle I live today!


Make the Sweat Worth it

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You're time poor, you need motivation and some inspiration. I know gal, I get it!

Most of us only have 30-45mins to get in our daily workout, sweat up a storm and achieve our dream body and fitness level.

Not only have I created my own before and after journey with Sweat it to Shred it - the eight week active lifestyle challenge, but thousands of girls have also smashed it out of the park!

If you're looking for a fitness guide that's fun, flexible, sweaty and will tone your arms, shred your abs and perk-up your booty then there's no better time than now!!

I always step back and think...

In eight weeks I could have created my 'after' photo and become the fittest, most #ninja version of myself!

FitnessSarah Stevenson