Because we never feel good enough...

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In a recent Instagram post (this pic) I briefly talked about my experience and past with never feeling good enough and comparing myself to others.
In high school I was constantly criticising, comparing and judging myself. All of my friends had boobs and I was still repping bonds crop tops (which totally still fit me btw). The girls in my group were beautiful, smart, funny and had glowing skin void of the hormonal acne that I was battling with. My school had a no makeup policy which made my stomach churn every morning. My skin was so inflamed, angry and covered in cystic acne that I would take my chances and lather on as much concealer and foundation as I could. Being sent to the Deputy Pricniples office to wipe off my makeup before detention made me want to throw up. What if my crush saw my red face full of pimples!? Then he would never like me, right!? 
I hated sport day because we had to wear shorts. At the age of 13 I began developing cellulite over my thighs, and when I crossed my legs to sit down the dimples would appear everywhere! I would always sit with my legs straight out because I didn't want my friends to think I was gross.
Even once I had left school and began my healthy lifestyle, I still never felt good enough. Comparing myself to the fitness girls, models and insta-fame girls that flooded my screen. Why would any one listen to what I have to say if I didn't look like them?

Well sistas...

I have cellulite, itty bitty boobies, super thin hair, massive teeth, scars on my knees and a random blood pimple thingy that magically appeared on my chest last night (yeah... what the heck haha) and I LOVE and ACCEPT every single part of me!

I'll be honest, it's taken me a LONG time to get here and it's been an absolute roller coaster but it is genuinely the BEST feeling in the world!

As I was finally becoming more confident in myself and loving my own skin, my younger sister Tahlz came home from school crying. She opened up about her similar issues with comparison and not feeling good enough within her friend group. I sat her down and gave her a piece of advice that she says changed her entire life...


To this day, Tahlz still quotes this and shares how pivotal this quote was in her life.
At the end of the day though sissy... it's soooo true!
Starting off can be difficult, and even if you're quivering, melting and sweating on the inside, just act confident, be strong and no one will question you. 

Seriously sis, I have SO MANY stories where I was so nervous to stand up for myself and thought I would lose everything if I stood up for what I believed in or wore what I wanted, but I acted confident and... everyone looked around and said "oh.... ok then" and when about their business.

If you have cellulite on your thighs... THAT'S COOL GIRL meh who cares! that doesn't define you nor should you be ashamed of it!
Got a pimple?? WOOO it means you're alive and your body is functioning, some hormones may be wacking out a little but that doesn't mean you're not beautiful!
Wearing the same dress that you've worn to the last 3 parties in a row? #ECOFRIENDLY you go glen coco, clothes do not dictate your worth or social status.

Own what you've got and be grateful. We have one body, so lets not waste our whole lives hating on it. Instead, let's just act confident, embrace our differences, be kind, caring and let everyone do their thannnnggg!!

Like I said, I could literally talk about this topic for hoursssss and write a flipping novel about it haha... but I won't do that... just yet.
However, I just wanted to send out this message to you, my sister, and give you the advise and lifestyle mantra that I gave Tahlz all those years ago AND that I live by every day.


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