My Golden Acne Spot Treatment

Sarah's Day actually all began because I used to suffer with such severe hormonal acne. It was my number one biggest insecurity in my life and would honestly dictate my day-to-day behaviour. Treating and curing my acne naturally was a tedious process but I finally did it! Now I'm here to share all of my simple tips and tricks with you all! Let's start with one of my all time fave homemade spot treatments.... My Golden Acne Goop!

Simply mix organic turmeric powder with a teaspoon of good quality Manuka honey until it forms a thick, gooey, paste like consistency. The turmeric is an incredible anti-inflammatory that reduced aggravation and redness in the skin. The Manuka honey is an antibacterial that helps to cleanse the skin of germs, promote healing and recovery. 

I usually leave it on the applied area for an hour or so, however, everyone's different! I have a pretty obvious yellow base tone to my skin so I can leave turmeric products on my skin for a while without the fear of it staining. However, if you're on the more pale, pink base skin tone side, I would recommend you work carefully with this recipe. Turmeric does stain and can leave a faint yellow cast over your skin.... ain't no body got time to look like a Simpsons character now do they! 

Apply this spot treatment whenever needed! I used to use it three times a week!