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it's OFFICIALLY time to reload! if you're ready to take your training to a whole new level, or needing a huge boost of motivation, then this is the challenge for you!  

Sweat it Reload is the sequel to my first fitness ebook (Sweat it to Shred it). This eight week fitness challenge is weeks 9-16 in the duo and has been designed to completely transform your body and attitude towards fitness! These eight weeks are a true representation of my EXACT workout routine and comprised of the most unique exercises I've ever created. Get ready for the most diverse, original, fun and flexible eight week guide I've EVER created! It's time to RELOAD! 


WHat's in each Ebook...

8 Weeks
120+ unique exercises
over 100 pages
Dynamic routines
designed to shred


Each eBook is extremely unique and diverse in its range of workout styles and routines. Here are some examples of the workouts you should expect to see in the eight week challenges...

Power Pilates, Sezzy Circuits, Sweaty Shredders, Toning Powers, Boxing Babes, Ballet Booty Burner and MORE!



Check out some of these amazing transformations!