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sweat it to shred it ebook!


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it's time to share my secrets...

get ready for my eight-week active lifestyle challenge!  

That's right guys, I'm sharing all of my SECRETS  to achieving a lean and toned body, while enjoying every single minute of it! Yep - this entire eight-week challenge has been uniquely designed so it can be customised and tailored to suit YOUR LIFE! This eBook gives you eight whole weeks worth of workouts, tips, tricks and activities that will completely transform your life! From intense, fat-burning HIIT workouts, to slow and controlled stretching days, 'Sweat it to Shred it' is JAM PACKED  with exciting workouts and challenges! After years of playing trial and error with myself, trying to find the ideal training style to lose fat, increase fitness and enjoy physical activity, I finally cracked the code... and its time to share it all with you!



What's Included

8 Weeks
50 custom workouts
92 pages
sezzy secrets
tonnes of sweat



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So, are you ready to get sweaty with sezzy?

Sweat it to Shred it
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Sweat it to Shred it
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