Meet Bella


I have been following you for over half a year now and I did your 8 week program on and off for about 4 months (I got very sick and had post viral fatigue) but using your workouts and eating a paleo diet which you inspired me to do, I’ve lost a total of 16 kilos since July the 7th 2017 (my birthday)! It has been super up ad down but your videos keep me on track and so motivated. Thank you so much for everything you do for everyone because it’s just amazing and your approach to health is very holistic and realistic! 

I’ve inserted my progress picture below, I call it a progress picture as my health journey isn’t stopping now and my body will continue to change... I also am not where I would like to be just yet (I had a really tough breakup over a month ago and I literally couldn’t get out of bed so I didn’t train for a while and my eating habits slipped)

Thank you so much though! You are truly an inspiration! 
Bella xxx

Sarah Stevenson