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About Me

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I'm sarah's day, but my sissy's call me sezzy!

I'm an Aussie holistic, health and fitness YouTuber with a love for functional fitness. creating healthy recipes ,healing the body naturally and utilising home remedies! With my two 8 week fitness guides, activewear line, healthy protein balls and Deluxe Mix products, I'm determined to reshape the health and fitness world.

My mottos in life are simple - 1. Listen to your body, and 2. Act confident and no-one will question you.

I'm here to support you on your own health and fitness journey!


showing you my exact workout routine...

My workout routine is fun, flexible, functional and fierce! I've created two 8 week fitness guides that work hand in hand to completely transform your body and attitude towards fitness. Whether you're kicking off your journey with weeks 1-8 of Sweat it to Shred it, or you're smashing through the final 9-16 weeks of Sweat it Reload, my eBooks are designed to make you LOVE training and enjoy the sweating process!